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We combine the best of bush and beach on this authentic East African safari tour. Spend your holiday on safari in the vastness of Tanzania, before ending it off soaking up some Vitamin D on the beach in Zanzibar.

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The scene starts with you arriving in Arusha in Tanzania, a town rich in coffee plantations (so coffeeholics will be buzzing!) before continuing to the world-famous and massive Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

No two days are the same, with new safari adventures keeping your heart, belly, and memory bank filled to the brim! And there are so many different ways and perspectives to explore the area, from as low as bushwalks to as high as hot air balloon safaris.

Transition to the pristine, velvety sand of Zanzibar for all the R&R you could possibly need. Just keep those cocktails coming, right! But in between, you dip into the bathwater-warm waves, snorkel to see the kaleidoscope of marine life and explore the local culture. Just book quickly, because this is a best-seller for a reason!

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You'll start your adventure in the gateway to Tanzania and its cultural capital, Arusha. Set at the foot of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro (no biggie, just the highest mountain in all of Africa!). So, this backdrop alone makes the town worth visiting! 

However, Arusha is also well-known for its thriving coffee plantation. So, if you consider yourself a bit of a coffee snob, you'll really enjoy visiting the coffee plantations and getting a taste of their brews! If you like tasting your way through your travel journeys, Arusha is the place to explore the local food markets. You'll also find some shopping treasures along the way! We hope you packed light ;-)

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Ngorongoro Crater

As the only intact caldera globally and nearly three million years old, the Ngorongoro Crater is a magical place. Add to that the hordes of animals that call it home, overflowing unique fauna and flora, and you get a safari paradise! Other than the classic Big 5, these include the rare and endangered creatures like the black rhino and giant tusked elephant. 

Another highlight is seeing the flamboyance of flamingos feasting on the algae in Lake Magadi. With a flurry of pink feathers, you'll feel like you're seeing double with their reflections on the water. Get your taste of the local culture by spending some with the Maasai. There's some really interesting stuff to do here, such as running with Maasai warriors or spending time learning about their culture and customs.

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Serengeti National Park

If you haven't heard about Serengeti National Park yet, well, you must've been living under a rock! But perhaps you've heard of the Great Migration? This is when millions of wildebeest followed by zebra and gazelle, as well as hungry predators, traverse across Kenya and Tanzania following greener pastures. 

This annual event is very time-sensitive as you need to be in the right place at the right time to catch them. Well, lucky for you, we've got in the inside scoop! But even if you go when the Great Migration is not in town, you'll love the endless open plains filled to the brim with wildlife for unforgettable safaris. And not to mention the hot air balloon safaris you can go on for a bird's-eye view!

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Zanzibar Archipelago

Ah, is there a better way to end your African adventure than on an island? And Zanzibar is what island dreams are made of! Because it's a bit more off the beaten track than, say, Mauritius. Because it's located only 40km from Tanzania's mainland, it's a hop, skip, and jump to include this as your final destination. 

Although all our tours are tailor-made, we do suggest that you set aside enough days to explore them thoroughly! Other than bottom-less cocktails on the beach, you can look forward to snorkelling in the crystal-clear water, various other watersports, and exploring the local cultural treasures. For example, Zanzibar is nicknamed "Spice Island" because it's such a big producer of fragrant, flavourful spices and was once an important part of the spice trade.

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Need more? We're one step ahead! Here's the answers to all the questions you might be wondering about...

Is this a package deal or what's included?

No two Veldskoen Travel tours are the same. We believe that every holiday deserves to be tailor-made to suit your travel dreams and tick off every item on your requirement list. That's why the answer to this question will very much depend on the where, when, with whom, and more of your trip.

As soon as we've got a good idea of what you envision, we can give you our expert advice, start planning and give you a good idea of what's included, add-ons, possibilities, and more. The sky's the limit!

Where should I stay for the stops on these tours?

We know all the best places you should stay at! From luxury lodges to tented camps in Tanzania to luxury beach resorts and spas, seaside retreats, villas, and much, much more. But it all depends on what type of accommdoation you prefer, what experiences and activities you're most looking forward to, who you're travelling with, and more. Don't worry, our Travel Experts have got you covered! 

When is the best time to visit for this tour?

Our Travel Experts will always advise the best time to travel for your specific expectations, destinations, and activities you want to partake in.

For this tour specifically, Tanzania is great year-round, with the peak time being late June to October. If you want to see the Great Migration in action, our Travel Experts will choose the best time and place for a front-row seat.

For Zanzibar, you can really go at any time of year! But if you want to skip the rainy season, you should avoid April and May. The peak time to visit Zanzibar is between June and October.

Okay, so let's get down to business. How many days do I need to set aside for this tour?

This specific tour will require at least 10 days spent in Tanzania and Zanzibar. However, all of our Veldskoen Travel Tours are tailor-made to suit your schedule, preferences, and reach-for-the-stars dreams. 

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1 night in Arusha | Tanzania

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2 nights in Ngorongoro Crater | Tanzania

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3 nights in Serengeti National Park | Tanzania

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4 nights in Zanzibar Archipelago | Tanzania

10 Nights in total

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