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Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Africa 

You've got the Veldskoen Shoes. They look and fit like a dream. But there's just one problem. Everywhere you go, your feet seem to point in one direction, and one direction only...Back to the wide-open landscapes where these shoes were handcrafted. Right back to African soil.

Well, if the shoe fits, wear it! When that travel bug bites (and it inevitably will), lean into it. Follow your feet to Africa, but don't do so blindly. Do so with the very best in the African safari biz – correction, world.

And what do you get when you combine Africa's best safari shoe and the World's Best Safari Company? The perfect pair. Veldskoen Shoes and Rhino Africa Safaris are no strangers to exploring the very best Africa has to offer. In fact, we're known for doing just that! We don't settle for anything other than the very best. And now we've come together to create something truly extraordinary. Say hello to travelling in style. Say hello to Veldskoen Travel. Follow in our footsteps for the best in bespoke travel to make your spine tingle, heart race, eyes grow in wonder, and feet itch to explore more after every tour...

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About Veldskoen Travel

The Story Behind the Perfect Pair


Take two peas in a pod, Rhino Africa Safaris and Veldskoen Shoes, with a wild, untamable passion for Africa and sustainability, and you get Veldskoen Travel.

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Be part of a bigger story. Leave your lasting legacy in Africa

The world is much bigger than us, and so is our purpose here. With Veldskoen Travel, we strive to not only leave the world in a better place, but to actively change it into a better place.

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